Black High Heels

I am positive that you have heard many people say that “every woman should have a nice pair of black heels in their closet.” When it comes to finding shoes for the right occasion, whether it be work, a wedding, casual wear or a night on the town, there will always be that need to wear black high heel shoes, especially for those women who are stylish.

It can be quite frustrating trying to find the right heels, especially since there are so many different types available. If you check out this little guide, you should be able to get information and details as it pertains to these shoes.

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Types of Black Heels

If you go into any shoe store, you are going to see a very huge selection of black heels.  There are so much to choose from and all of the styles that are available, are able to capture that exact look and design that a woman desires.

The good thing about having so many options is the fact that women will be able to identify and pick that ideal type that will work perfectly with whatever outfit they are planning on wearing.

Below are some of the more popular types of Black Heels that are available.


Black Heels for Work – we always recommend for people who are looking for a black work heels, that they get shoes which will be able to provide them with that professional look. There are really a lot of different options out there when it comes to black work heels, but usually, most women will generally go for mules or pumps. These styles look really amazing on the feet as they have a real work/professional feel to them. So if you are ever considering some black heels for work, consider those styles.

Black Heels for Evening Wear – When it comes to a really nice night out on the town such as an even function or date, a lot of women are generally looking for some really nice sexy black heels to wear. As usual, there are a lot of different options out there for women to choose from; however the black high heels to go after are the ones that are sophisticated, stylish and sexy. He’ll styles that women should consider are stiletto or strappy heels. The shoes look really good on the feet and also go well with that little black dress.

Black Heels for WeddingDo you have a wedding that is coming up and the need some really nice black high heel shoes to match your pretty little dress? When it comes to weddings, it is always a good idea to have those shoes on standby for this amazing occasion. When it comes to weddings, you will definitely need some heels that will look really nice on the feet as well as ones to match nicely with that smashing outfit that you will have waiting to be worn. Some of the best black high heels to wear to a wedding include strap the, pumps or stomach to heels. Many women usually opt for its heels sizes such as 3’’, 4’’, 5’’ or 6’’ heels.

Black Heels for PromGenerally, girls who are wearing black heels to the prom will have to go for footwear that looks really nice. This is a very special day and you cannot wear something that looks ugly. There are quite a few different styles of Black Prom Heels to choose from, it really depends on the type of dress that you will be wearing. For those of you were looking for nice footwear, it is a good idea to check out stilettos, pumps or strap be heels. The heel size that you choose, will also depend on the type of milk that you are aiming for. 



Nike Air Alvord 8 Trail Runner Review

When it comes to things that I love, off road running is one of my few joys. This is a pretty intense activity at times and because of this, it is very important that I have the right shoes. Over the years I have owned quite a couple different types of trail sneakers; however one of the best that has impressed me is the Nike Air Alvord series.

The Nike Air Alvord 8 Trail Running Shoe is really one of the better trail runners I have owned. The shoe is amazing, especially since it has so much going on with it.

One of the things that I love about the Alvord 8 is the fact that it is able to deliver the performance that I need. This shoe is really top-notch and it is excellent at delivering the comfort and protection that I need, anytime I run off the unbeaten path. Wearing the shoe, you can certainly tell that the comfort level is phenomenal. It is really different from anything else I have worn and it can be said that it is in its own league.

Aside from being really comfortable, the shoe has great traction and is very lightweight. Wearing the sneaker, my feet never once felt weighed down and this is a very important factor when running off road. I love traction as the treading that is found on the bottom of the shoe really makes it great to handle all the loose rocks and debris that can be found when running on the trail.

If you should check out the overview of the Nike Air Alvord 8, you will see that the sneaker has many different features. If you are contemplating buying this shoe, you can be sure that this is definitely one of the better trail sneakers out there for 2011. I can say I am fully satisfied with my purchase and I would definitely recommend these shoes for anyone who is looking for good trail running footwear.


Frye Rider Boots Review

For those of you who are new to this site, you should be aware that we absolutely love Frye Boots. They make some of the most amazing boots around and they have so many different styles that are just exceptional. One of Frye’s most beautiful styles has definitely got to be Frye Rider Boots. These boots are exceptional and they really do look amazing on the feet.  The great thing about this particular style is that there are three different versions available. There is the Frye Rider Pull On, Spur Inside Zip and Short.

Frye Rider Pull On

There are really so many different types of Frye Boots to choose from, but for those of you who are looking for a really nice mid-calf boot; then the Frye Rider Pull On is one of the best options from the company.

The Frye Rider Pull On has a very simple design to it, but that simplicity translates into fashion bliss for the feet. The design of the boot, combined with the rich, luxurious leather, results in footwear that has a look of class and elegance.  As we mentioned above, the Rider Pull On is a mid-calf boot and it the sleek look really gives the lower part of the legs an amazing look. The boot is not too high off the ground, as it has a 1 inch heel.  It is also pretty comfortable to walk around in, you really do not have to worry as it has a cushioned leather insole.

The good thing about the Frye Rider Pull On is that it is available in a variety of colors. You will be able to get this boot in: Black Brush Off, Dark Brown Brush Off, Dark Brown Vintage Leather, Light Brown Brush Off and Taupe Gaucho.

Frye Rider Spur Inside Zip Boot

The Frye Rider Spur Inside Zip Boot is all the rage for people who are looking for a beautiful tall boot. The Spur Inside Zip has the same impeccable style as the Rider Pull On, except that it is taller, has a zipper and comes with a buckle and spur. Every woman who has worn this boot, has instantly fallen in love with it. If you like the Rider Pull On look, but want a bit more, then this is the boot for you.

The Frye Rider Spur Knee boot gets its inspiration from equestrian footwear. This is a sleek, beautiful  and classic looking boot that I am sure you will love. It reaches just at the knee, with a shaft length of 15 inches. The boot can be put on easily, thanks to the nifty zipper that can be found inside the boot. You really won’t have to worry about pulling the boot on and off. What gives this boot an added oomph is that it comes with a nice functional buckle and spur, which can be found at the ankle. This spur really gives the boot a different look.

The Frye Rider Spur Inside Zip Boot is available in a variety of colors, ranging from: Black Leather, Burnt Red Leather, Cognac Leather and Fawn Leather.

Frye Rider Short

Not everyone loves the tall look of the Frye Rider, but many love the design of the boot. As a result of that, the Frye Rider Short was developed.

The Frye Rider Short is a western styled ankle boot that has developed a nice little following. Women love this boot for the fact that the leather is very soft and supple and easy to break in. The leather also has a pebbled look to it, which helps give the boot its amazing appearance.  The Short is an ankle boot and sits shaft is 8 inches tall. There is also a 1 inch heel on the boot. It is very comfortable as it comes with a cushioned leather footbed.

If you are looking for some really nice colors, then the Frye Rider Short is available in: Black Burnished Full Grain, Dark Brown Burnished Full Grain, Dark Brown Full Grain Leather and Light Tan.


Frye Dorado Riding Boot Review

Frye already has a reputation for making some amazing looking riding boots. These boots are able to deliver outstanding style and their design makes them the perfect complement to wear with whatever outfit you can think of.

Even though there are so many riding boot styles from Frye, one of the best has definitely got to be the Dorado Riding Boot. This is an exceptional tall boot and if you are on the hunt for some really nice footwear, then this is a must have.

Frye Dorado Riding Boot

If there is one thing that I can say about the Frye Dorado Tall Riding Boot is that it is some really beautiful footwear. Any woman who loves fashion is going to want a pair of these boots in their wardrobe. The Dorado is just exquisite and this can be attributed to the overall design and style of the boot. The leather used is top quality and just looking on the boot, you can tell that it is high end footwear.

The Frye Dorado is a tall riding boot that will deliver that equestrian or riding look that you may be searching for. You have a boot whose shaft is about 17 in high. The boot comes with adjustable buckles at the top and at the ankle to deliver not only a stylish look, but also a very snug fit. The Dorado has a 1″ heel and it is also pretty comfortable to walk around in. The boot is available in either leather or suede.

The Frye Dorado Riding Boot is available in : Black Leather, Dark Brown Leather, Spice Leather, Charcoal Leather, Taupe, Jade Leather, Bordeaux Leather and Sand Antiqued Suede.

Frye Dorado Inside Zip Riding Boot

We absolutely love the style and look of the Dorado Riding Boot and there is no doubt that we would love the Frye Dorado Inside Zip Boot. The Inside Zip has the same styling and look as the Riding Boot, except it has an inner zip, which not only gives it a nice look, but also makes it easier to come off and on.

The features of the Inside Zip Riding Boot are essentially the same as what we mentioned above. You get a nicely designed boot that is crafted out of the best leather around. The shaft reaches up to 16 in and on the side is a zipper which makes the boot to go on and off easily. The boot has a very clean and sleek look and it is perfect for the fashionable woman.

The Frye Dorado Inside Zip Riding Boot is available in a variety of colors such as: Black Full Grain, Bordeaux, Charcoal Full Grain, Dark Brown Full Grain and Taupe Antiqued.

Frye Dorado Low Riding Boot

If you like the look of the Frye Dorado, but want a more slouchy look, then the Frye Dorado Low is the option for you.

This riding inspired boot has everything that women absolutely love as it relates to the riding boot look. The Frye Dorado Low is crafted out of soft calf leather or soft waxed suede and the result is a tall boot that will have a level slouch to it. It is really up to you which style you go with, but this is really an amazing boot.

The Frye Dorado Low Riding Boot is available in colors such as: Dark Brown Leather and Tan.


New Balance 890 Running Shoe Review

Nice Selection of New Balance 890 Shoes

If you have a look on the running shoe market today, you will see just about every manufacturer has or is coming out with ultra-lightweight shoes. Consumers are demanding lighter running shoes that will help to enhance their overall performance.

New balance has a reputation for making really great running shoes and they have entered into the market with a high-performing and super lightweight sneaker, the 890.

To give the shoe even more star power, it is endorsed by middle distance runners Andy Baddeley and Jennifer Barringer.

So What is the New Balance 890 Running Shoe?

The New Balance 890 Running Shoe is one of the lightest shoes on the market today. The 890 weighs 9.7 oz. and according the New Balance Website, the shoes weight is comparable to “1 apple/3.7 cookies/19 sticks of gum.”  As you can see these shoes are as light as can be. Just by lifting up the shoe, you can certainly tell that this is unlike anything else out there on the market.

Running in these lightweight sneakers, your feet will feel a significant difference.  Even with it being so lightweight, you will not have to worry about comfort being neglected. The shoe is ultra-comfortable and this is what is needed in a running shoe.

The Look

New Balance has never been one to have eye-catching shoes, unlike their counterpart Nike. The New Balance sneakers were always contemporary and never over the top. With the 890, the design has been taken up a notch. Looking on the sneaker, you can certainly tell that the shoe has an edge to it and it is just bold.

The New Balance 890 Upper.

With looks aside, we can get into what the 890 is all about. This running shoe features a mesh upper that aids in ventilation. That mesh also gives the shoe a pretty nice look. You will also be able to find overlays that are made out of synthetic layers. These overlays are there to give the shoe some added support, which means that the feet will be safely secured inside the shoe while running. There will be no worry about seams irritating the foot, as the shoe features welded seams.

One thing that we were impressed with was the tongue and lacing system of the shoe. The tongue provided excellent padding and it really did not take up much space, as typical sneakers. The lacing system also went back to the flat laces, which should reduce the laces coming apart when running.

The New Balance 890 Midsole

The real highlight of the New Balance 890 Running shoe has definitely got to be found in the midsole area. The REVlite midsole is what is responsible for allowing the shoe to be so lightweight. REVlite is very light and responsive and according to NewBalance it is “30% lighter than other midsole foams with comparable performance”. This REVlite foam will be able to handle the impact that comes with running, while also being as light as a feather.

The cushioning in the shoe is exceptional and it is definitely one of the more comfortable sneakers to run in.

The Final View on the 890 Running Shoe

If you are looking for lightweight and comfortable running shoe, then the New Balance 890 is definitely in the top 5 of running shoes that are on the market today. The REVlite cushioning system is extremely responsive and lightweight and it works really well in the shoe. Running in it for a while, you will be able to feel the impact that REVlite has on the shoe. The 890 is very stylish and it is some new and fresh from New Balance.

In the end the New Balance 890 is a shoe that runners will love. It has everything that is necessary in the modern running sneaker. There are no real negatives to it, so it is up to you to test it out and let the world know how much you love this particular shoe.