Ryka Studio D Review

“All night long, all niggggghhttt, All night long”… That Lionel Richie song was playing in the studio the other day and I thought it was the perfect tune for …Because dance fitness classes typically last for

Ryka Studio D an Amazing Dance Shoe

A Quick Rundown Review of the Ryka Studio D

I gotta say that I have a lot of love for the Ryka Studio D. It’s been around for a couple of years and it is still considered to be one of the better dance fitness/aerobics sneakers around. People love it and this goes to show that it has a pretty good design and works perfectly for dancing or related activities. I give this the thumbs up, but check out the review if you want to find out a bit more.

These Shoes are Suited for What Exactly?

If you are doing any dance inspired classes such as Jazzercise or Zumba, then this sneaker is perfect. These sneakers are designed for dancing and therefore, they will not have excessive grip, which will make lateral moves and turns easy to do. You can essentially become Beyonce when it comes to the dancing, that’s how amazing these dancing shoes are. However, because of the relatively smooth bottom, I would not wear them to run or train in, you would be looking for an injury or a disaster if you did. These are specifically dance sneakers, so let’s keep them in the studio please!

Yes it is Comfortable!

Think about it? While dancing, you are definitely going to want to shoe that will not cost you any discomfort, while also giving you good cushioning when you are dancing, jumping or doing whatever move you typically do in your dance class. The shoe is designed to be comfortable and you can see this in the cushioning in the heel and forefoot a well as around the shoe. When you wear the shoe, you are going to appreciate how comfortable it is and I think you might actually feel guilty for getting such a well cushioned sneaker for such a low price.

Great Support for Dancing

When you are dancing, you are definitely going to want a shoe that will keep your feet secure and in place. The Ryka Studio D dance shoe is capable of doing that, as it was designed for intense and high impact activities that are commonplace in these dance aerobics/fitness classes.

I Love the Look of It!

You know, looking on the picture, you can tell that this is an awesome look sneaker. However, when you see them in person on your feet, you are going to love them even more. The design is sleek, stylish and very trendy. This shoe will look good with any gym or dance outfit you want to wear it with, I really like how it looks and I am positive that you are going to appreciate its design and general look.

My Final View

If you are looking for a solid dance fitness sneaker, then you can’t go wrong with the Ryka Studio D. It is a pretty neat shoe and you are going to enjoy wearing them. My final score on the shoe is A.

Stand Out Features of the Ryka Studio D Dance Shoe

You can get a look at all of the features of the shoe down below.

  • Dance inspired sneaker, perfect for fitness classes such as Jazzercise and Zumba.
  • Comfortable sneaker thanks to the lightly padded collar – This will give support and comfort to the feet.
  • Nice lacing system that will give a good fit and feel.
  • Comes with a foam padded tongue for extra cushioning
  • You will find excellent cushioning in the heel and forefoot
  • Has excellent shock absorption and cushioning, thanks to the EVA midsole.
  • Great support.
  • Nice modern design
  • Nitracel sockliner
  • Weighs only 8 oz – This means the shoe is pretty lightweight and you can be sure it is not bulky and weighty.

See What Others are Saying About the Ryka Studio D

Ryka Studio D

It’s not just us who thinks that these shoes are awesome. Just take a look at a couple reviews from across the web and you are going to see the same thing. The shoe gets either 5/5, 4.5/5 or 4/5 stars. This indicates that it is a pretty good workout/dance sneaker.

Anonymous – “Comfort – These shoes are great, good arch support, I wear them for kickboxing, and my feet are probably the only thing not hurting when I’m done. ;)” Zappos.com

Kathy Jacobson – “Needing orthotics for sports, this is the shoe I use only for Zumba and no added support is needed. The soles allow you to move smoothly when doing dance steps. I do not recommend for long distance walking.” Amazon.com

Marilyn S“MY FIFTH PAIR OF THIS STYLE – As I’ve said before in my past reviews of this same sneaker: putting my feet into this shoe is like putting my head on my pillow…aahh” Zappos.com

Jazzerbunny –  Give them time to adapt to your workout. I love the look, and the soles work perfectly for the type of work out that I do. I tend to stand on my outer foot and small toes, so I was concerned about lack of support. However, I feel confident that I will be wearing these shoes for a long time. And buying more!” Onlineshoes.com

Ryka Studio D for Zumba

Dance Aerobics - Ryka Zumba Shoes

So would I recommend the Ryka Studio D for Zumba? Well if you take a look at my Zumba shoe guide, you will see that I have it ranked in the top 10. The reason why I give it such high marks as “must-buy” footwear for dance aerobics classes would be the fact that it has all the necessary features. It is very comfortable, has great support, flexible and best of all, it is designed specifically to handle dance. So it gets high grades just because it will perform just fine whether you are dancing to merengue, salsa or high tempo jazz.

A claim can be made that it is one of the best Ryka Zumba shoes, but I think that will boil down to your personal taste.

Ryka Studio D Colors

If there is one thing that I do not like about the shoe, is that it is not available in other colors. Right now, you can only get it in either black or white This is a gripe that others have expressed and Ryka dropped the ball in that department.

You will be able to get this sneaker in:

Black/Gun Metal

Granite/Gun Metal/White


The Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe

You are moving, you’re shaking, you’re jumping, you’re twisting, you’re turning and you are feeling GREAT! Enjoy dancing even more with the right shoe like the Nike Musique IV.

The Musique is a great option for those who are looking for an all-round dance shoe that will not fall apart or hurt the feet. It is a pretty good sneaker

A Quick Review of the Sneaker

Nike Musique IV

If you take a look at the Nike Musique series, you can see that they have released quite a few shoes. Over the years, the most popular one has been the Musique IV, there must be a reason why the shoe is so awesome and in-demand so long after its first release date.

Designed Just for Dance

Nike Musique IV

The big reason why this is such an awesome dance shoe is that it is designed with dancers in mind. As such, you are going to get pivot points on the outsole of the shoe. These pivot points are cool, just because it makes turning and twisting that much easier. If you have taken a dance class, then you know there will be a lot of that going on.

Comfort is extremely important in a dance shoe and right here is where the Musique is able to shine.  The shoe features a Phylon midsole that will be able to handle the high impact that comes with dancing. You will not have to worry about aches and pains as the shoe is properly design with comfort and cushioning and the forefront.

The shoe is great for supporting the feet and this is absolutely necessary when doing dance. There are synthetic overlays which will keep the feet in place. There is also great support in the heel and forefoot. If you want a shoe that will keep your feet secure, then the Musique IV is up to the task.

Looks Great

Let’s face it, even though you want a shoe that is comfortable and supportive, you also do not want one that looks awful on the feet. The Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe is a pretty stylish sneaker that will look great with whatever you wear it with. It has a very modern look and is very sleek and cute. It also helps that the colors that it is available all work nicely with the shoe.


There are a ton of dance sneakers on the market to choose from and all of them have their pros and their cons. If you are looking for near-perfect dance sneaker, then the Nike Musique  is one of the better, if not the best option available. You are going to love this shoe and while you are having fun dancing, you are going to be so happy with your purchase.

What Others Are Saying About the Nike Musique IV

Jramey“ love these shoes . They are very comfortable and I use them for Zumba and other aerobic classes” ((Jramey. (2011, May 13). “Nike Musique VI Women’s Dance Shoe Review”. Nike.com. Retrieved 2012-05-18))

Features of the Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe

The Musique is an awesome sneaker, we have already established that, it is great on the feet, has excellent support and cushioning, it is just a good dance shoe. To get a better understanding, you can take a look at the different features that the sneaker has.

  • Upper of the shoe allows of amazing comfort while dancing.
  • Great added support thanks in part to the synthetic overlays.
  • Extra stability due to the double-lasted forefoot and heel.
  • The shoe features a lacing system, which will allow it to have a great fit and feel.
  • The shoe is extremely breathable thanks to the mesh lining.
  • Comfort and cushioning comes courtesy of the Phylon midsole.
  • Pivot point under the sneaker
  • Great traction thanks to the Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Weighs only 9 oz.

Is the Nike Musique IV a Good Zumba Shoe?

Nike Musique IV Zumba Shoe

The majority of the people who buy the Musique will be using it in dance related classes such as Zumba. So does this shoe make the cut as a great Zumba sneaker? This shoe not only makes the cut, but it is at the top of the list for me.

Everybody loves this shoe for Zumba, just because of the features it has. As I stated, the shoe is very flexible, lightweight, supportive and comfortable, all necessary features that are necessary in Zumba shoes. It also features the pivot point, so this makes it even easier to pull off dance moves. When you combine all those wonderful features together, the end result is a shoe that many consider the best for the class.

I wrote an article earlier on the best Nike shoes for Zumba and it beats out everything on the list by a huge margin.

Available Colors

The Nike Musique IV Cross Training Sneaker is a pretty simple sneaker, even though it is so good. It is not available in a ton of colors, but the colors that are available will work just fine.

You will be able to get these dance shoes in colors such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey

What Color I Like the Most? – I would say the white is the best color. It has a very sleek look to it and it also enhances the wonderful design. This white option also makes it a pretty good choice for cheerleading.


Nike Musique Women’s Dance Shoes

Did you know that over the past couple of years, the Nike Musique Women’s Dance Shoe is considered to be one of the best dance shoes out? There have been a number of releases and it has continued to be a staple on dancers feet all across the country.

The Nike Musique Series

There have been a bunch of Nike Musique Dance Shoes released over the years and some have had tremendous success, while others have been a total failure. Each shoe released in the collection is blessed to be a total dance shoe that not only has great performance, but is also very stylish.

Nike Musique IV

Nike Musique IV – If you want to talk about an almost perfect dance shoe, then the IV is it. This sneaker is absolutely amazing and it has everything going for it from the look to the performance. This shoe is still being produced today, years after it was first released and that must be a testament to its amazing design and awesome look. This sneaker is really great for dance as it has excellent support and cushioning, as well as making it very easy to pull off dance moves. The great thing is this shoe is still available.

Nike Musique III

Nike Musique III – Another favorite among the dance community is the III’s. It has a very clean and sleek look, but not as breathtaking as the IV’s. Performance wise, it is solid and it will make that dance class, that much easier. They are fun to move around in and if you want a really good dance sneaker, then this is a great option.

The Others

Nike Musique V

Nike Musique V – For some reason the V was unable to capture the popularity that the IV had established. After its release, it was on the market for a little while, then poof, it disappeared like that piece of cheesecake you had in your fridge.

Nike Musique VI

Nike Musique VI – Like the V, the VI had a very short run. It was pretty easy to see why, as nobody liked the shoe. The reviews were awful and whatever improvements Nike decided to make, it did not go down well with the buying public. According to one reviewer on Nike.com, “this shoes need to be taken off the shelves “. ((MichelleinFWTx. (2010, April 28). “Nike Musique VI Women’s Dance Shoe”. Nike.com. Retrieved 2012-05-18))

Nike Musique VII

Nike Musique VII – The newest from the collection and I have yet to have an opinion on them. There are mixed reports with the shoe, with some people hating them and some people loving them. Once there is more information available, then I can know if this particular model is a #win or a #fail.

Nike Musique Cheer

Nike Musique Cheer – Nike capitalized on the booming cheerleading shoe market by releasing the Musique Cheer. This shoe was exceptional as it had a nice sporty and clean look, as well as being very supportive, comfortable and lightweight. This was a big hit in the cheerleading community and it was highly recommended as a must have sneaker for the sport.

Is the Nike Musique a Good Zumba Shoe?

Nike Musique Zumba Shoes

If you’re to ask any Zumba instructor, the majority of them would say that one of the best shoes for this dance aerobics class would be the Nike Musique Cross Trainer Dance Shoes. As I stated above, the Musique has been on top of everyone’s list as one of the best shoes for Zumba.

So what makes this sneaker such a good option for this dance aerobics class? Well, the shoe is designed specifically for dancing. This means that it is going to be extremely comfortable, as well as be very lightweight, very flexible and also it’s supportive. After you dance in them for a couple classes, you are going to understand the difference between wearing a sneaker that is designed for a dance, as opposed to the general crosstraining shoe. The biggest selling point is that there are pivot points underneath on the outsole of the shoe. These pivot points are essential, as it makes twisting and turning that much easier. These are common moves that you’re going to be doing in dance classes, so having a shoe that has it is a must.

I highly recommend both the Nike Musique III and IV as some of the best Nike Zumba shoes available. You will be getting some amazing footwear that will be able to handle the general up and down nature of typical dance classes.

Nike Musique Colors

Throughout the series, the Musique has stuck to the same colors. Nike has been known to create shoes that are very out there in the color spectrum, but this is not the case with this particular collection. Because they are dance sneakers and can be worn in cheerleading, the colors are very toned down..

So the more popular colors that you will find will be

  • White – White is the most popular color and it really gives the sneaker its charm. All-white is a favorite, but depending on style, there is also white and pink, white and blue, white and purple.
  • Black – How can you go wrong with a black shoe! All black as well as black and purple are the two popular color options.
  • Gray – This is another popular color and depending on the style you can find this shoe in metallic gray, gray and pink, gray and blue, gray and white.

Are These Shoes Available For Men & Kids

If there is one thing I should say about the Musique is that it is a really popular sneaker. Because of its popularity you will often find men and children wanting to get a pair of these dance shoes. Unfortunately, the Nike Musique is not available for men or children. I do not know if Nike will make them available for everyone in the future, but right now it’s all for the girlies.

Puma Zumba Shoes – See What the Best Styles are for 2012

In my ultimate Zumba shoe guide, I highlighted that Puma was a great collection to check out for those of you who are doing dance aerobics classes like Zumba.

Puma has a pretty good reputation for making high quality athletic gear, including shoes, so whatever they produce will be a quality product. The company has been outshined by other shoe manufacturers like Nike, Adidas and Reebok to name a few. Nonetheless, their footwear is really awesome

The Best Puma Zumba Shoes 2012

There isn’t a massive selection of dance sneakers from Puma, but that means you are getting quality over quantity. Below I have selected the Puma sneakers that would be the best shoe options for Zumba dance.

Puma Voltaic 3 NM

Puma Volatic 3 NM Zumba ShoeThe Puma Voltaic 3 comes in as a great choice for Zumba dance aerobics. This is a sneaker that is designed specifically for running, but because of the cushioning it has, it makes it a good choice to dance in. It has all the features that are necessary for a dance aerobics shoe, from being lightweight, flexible and supportive.

Pros: Supportive, comfortable and lightweight.

Cons: Might be a bit bulky.

Puma PUMAgility XT

Puma Volatic 3 NM Zumba Shoe
The PUMAgility is a pretty comfortable and stylish sneaker. It has excellent cushioning which makes it great to handle the high impact dance moves. Even though it is a running (see my warning about running shoes below), it is an ideal choice for Zumba dance. The traction is not too much, which means you will not stick to the floor when doing your moves.

Pros: Comfortable and lightweight.

Cons: Might not be stylish enough like some of the other Zumba shoes out there.

Puma Janine Dance

Puma Volatic 3 NM Zumba Shoe
The Puma Janine is one sneaker that is designed specifically for dance. This is a must buy if you are looking for some Puma shoes for Zumba. These are lightweight footwear that’s very comfortable as well as supportive. One of the big things is that there is a pivot point under the outsole of the shoe. This is means it will be easier to move about, as well as pull off turns.

Pros: Designed specifically for dance classes. Has a pivot point.

Cons: Not over the top stylish.


Puma Volatic 3 NM Zumba Shoe
The OSU NM has a pretty nice design to it and this is something that will not only catch the eyes, but it will look good with gym attire. This is an athletic sneaker that has great support, as well as having an excellent cushioning system. If you want comfort, then this is the way to go. It is also very breathable and has great support.

Pros: Nicely designed, comfortable, supportive, breathable and flexible.

Cons: Wish there were more colors. Colors may not be appealing to everyone.

Puma Trainlite XT

Puma Volatic 3 NM Zumba Shoe
If you are looking for a multi-funcational training shoe then the Trainlite XT is it. This shoe can be worn to the gym, to run and is perfect for Zumba. Comfort is its biggest selling point, so you know it will have a good fit on the feet. In terms of support, there are mutli-directional flex grooves which makes movement a breeze.

Pros: A Really comfortable sneaker. Has a nice design to it.

Cons: Very limited colors.

Forget Puma Running Shoes

When it comes to Zumba shoes, you should definitely stay away from running sneakers. You see, running shoes are designed to give you a lot more grip as you are going to need that amount of traction when doing that intense activity. As it relates to Zumba, the downside to having too much traction is a big problem. In Zumba dance, you are going to be doing various moves from dancing, turning and jumping. Because of this, you are going to want a shoe that will allow you to do this moves with ease, as opposed to be stuck. Having a shoe can also lead to injury.

Features to Look for When Choosing shoes for Zumba.

Puma Zumba Shoe FeaturesThere are certain features that your shoe should have for Zumba dance. I go into detail in my Zumba dance shoe guide, but I will give a quick overview here.

The Shoe Must be Comfortable – Let’s face it, you are going to be doing intense physical activity and your feet are going to be bearing the burden of all the dancing and jumping. It is very important that you have shoes that are comfortable and will not hurt your feet after dancing around for an hour. It only makes logical sense to go after a sneaker that is comfortable.

Light – Many people do not take the weight of the shoe into consideration when they go looking for Zumba footwear. Just remember that you will be working out and you do not want to have shoes that will begin to feel like bricks on the feet after a couple of minutes. Luckily, most modern sneakers are lightweight, but this is something to remember when you are going shoe shopping.

Flexible – A rigid sneaker will cause you nothing but heartbreak in your Zumba dance class. When you have a flexible shoe, your feet will be able to twist and move easily, keeping up with the myriad of dance moves that come along with the class. This is why athletic or shoes designed specifically for dance aerobics are important, as they are some of the most flexible sneakers available.

Support – Most sneakers will be able to give you the support you need, but it is still an important feature to consider. You will definitely want a sneaker that will keep the feet in place, especially when you are doing all those moves.

Pink Vans Authentic’s – Stand Out From Everyone With These Awesome Shoes

Pink Vans Authentic Shoes
Pink Vans Authentic Shoes

Did you know that the Vans Authentic has been around for almost 50 years? This style shoe is classic in every sense of the word and it is made even better by being available in a variety of colors, one being pink. With this unisex shoe being available in this color, you will be able to style and jazz up any outfit you can think of. Both boys and girls can take advantage of this awesome color and it will look really great on the feet. You will often find this shoe being worn with jeans or shorts. Depending on how stylish the individual is, they can wear it with to just about anything.

Pink Vans Authentic Lo Pro

Pink Vans Authentic Lo Pro

Because pink is such a girly color, it is at given that the Authentic Lo Pro be available in pink. This pink sneaker has a really exquisite look to it and it helps to give the shoe a cool sense of style. Girls love this style of shoe, just because it is the perfect complement to whatever outfit they are thinking of wearing it with.


The kids will have this shoe available in pink. This is also available for infants and toddlers. Because pink is typically a color for girls, you will find a ton of color variations available for them. There are some pink Authentics which will have hearts, girly designs and also glitter. This is actually a pretty good shoe for little girls.


There are many different color styles of Pink Vans Authentic’s available. Generally the light pink is the most common, but you will be able to get Neon Pink, Pink and Black and Pink and Blue to name a few.

Classic Style on the Feet – The Vans Authentic Shoe

Vans Authentic Shoe
Vans Authentic Shoe

The Vans has been around for close to 50 years and the first shoe that they released was the Authentic. This sneaker was aimed at the surf and skate culture and it was a huge hit in those circles. Over the years, the popularity has grown and it is now regarded as a sneaker that every has to have.

The design is very simplistic, yet it looks really good on the feet. It has a nice skater shoe feel to it, with a very low lace up profile. What really stands out however is the signature waffle rubber soles.

Vans Authentic Lo Pro

Vans Authentic lo Pro

Although the Vans Authentic is a unisex shoe, girls may want a more feminine look. In that case, the Authentic Lo Pro is a much better option. It has the same stylish look, just that it is much more feminine. The Lo Pro is extremely fashionable and it is the ideal casual sneaker for the girl that loves to have fun. These shoes can be worn in any setting with just about anything, from jeans, shorts and skirts.

Vans Authentic Kids

The little ones can get with this stylish footwear, as there is a Vans Authentic line for kids. The kids collection is just like the adult one, except that it is catered to children. You will find a ton of funky designs, some specifically for little boys and girls. There are also Authentics for babies and toddlers.

Are Vans Authentic for Boys or Girls?

Kids Vans Authentic

There are a lot of people who are always asking us if these shoes are designed specifically for boys or girls? This sneaker is unisex, so there should be no problems with boys or girls wearing them. There may be some colors or styles that are released which will cater to boys, while there are some that you can tell are definitely for girls.

Vans Authentic Colors

One of the biggest things the shoe has going for it would be the awesome colors that it is available in. Because there are soooo many color options, you will often find that people own multiple pairs. Because of the shoe’s nice design, it really might be a good idea to pick up the Authentic in multiple color ways.

Special Editions

Every year a bunch of Special Editions are released. This not only give collectors something to go crazy for, but it also helps to give the shoe a fresh design.

Image Sources

OUCHcharley. ITS SPRING! (explored) :]. March 22, 2009. Online image. Flikr.com. 14 April 2012.

It’s Back for the Summer – The Vans Authentic Watermelon

It seems that summer is officially here with the re-release of the Vans Watermelon Authentic. This design was released in 2009 (see below) and it is not getting a reissue, just in time for the summer!!! The name says it all, as essentially you will be looking at a watermelon sneaker. Bright green sole, red upper, sprinkled with black seed dots. This is a real eye catcher and the perfect complement for those hot summer days.

There are some people who think that these shoes are sick and a must cop, while others think that they are too fruity (no pun intended). Whatever your viewpoint, at the end of the day they are some funky shoes. If you want to stand out stylishly or just want a conversation starter, then you will certainly need to have a pair.

So what about the women? – The Vans Watermelon Authentic’s is a unisex shoe, so both women and men can enjoy this fruit filled masterpiece.

Where Will I Be Able to Get it? – Once released you should be able to get these shoes at Vans stores or major retailers. You can also check here to see what deals we can dig up.

Vans Authentic Watermelon

A Look Back at the 09 Vans Watermelon Collection

The limited edition Vans Watermelon Shoe collection was released in 2009 to much fanfare and anticipation. I mean, who would not love to have to have some watermelon shoes on the feet. This collection featured the Watermelon version of the Authentic, Classic Slip on and Chukka. A runaway hit at the time.

Check Out This Unboxing of the Chukka

I am sure we all know the feeling of taking those brand new shoes out of the box and enjoying its magnificent beauty. For those of you who are thinking of getting the watermelon Authentic’s, then give this video a look.

Betsey Johnson Caylin Boot

The Betsey Johnson Caylin Boot is definitely considered to be one of the best and most stylish boots on the marketplace today. If you’re looking for something very stylish and fashionable, then this boot is certainly the way to go. It has a very wonderful design and one thing I can say for certain, is that it looks simply amazing on the feet. I’m absolutely positive that whatever you wear this boot with, it will basically add a bit of oomph to any outfit. Another great thing about the boots, is that you are definitely going to garner a lot of compliments.

This is a military style boots and as such, it is very off and rugged. It has a tough exterior, but do not let that fool you. It is very womanly and this is part of its allure. Women will wear this with just about any outfit and even though it has that rugged look, it still looks really nice.

Boot Colors: This boot is available in three different colors. Black, blue and green are what you can get them in.

Features: if you like boots that have a very high heel, then you will be drawn to the Caylin. The heel is 5 inches high and this makes it you really tall boot. There is even more height from the base platform, which comes in at 1.5 inches. The circumference of the boot is 12 inches and the shaft is around 7.5 inches.

Sizes: You can take comfort that this book is available in various half sizes. You can purchase it from 5 1/2 to 10.


The Nike Free Run 2 Review

If you are looking for a high performance running shoe this year, then the Nike Free Run 2 is one sneaker that you need to have on your list. This is going to be one of the most popular running shoes for 2011, as it is as close to perfection as one can get. This shoe has all of the features that make it one of the best on the market today. It is lightweight, comfortable, flexible, supportive and stylish. If you get this sneaker, you are not going to regret it, I can guarantee it.

The Nike Free Run+ 2 Review

When it comes to athletic sneakers, you already know that Nike has a very good reputation for making high quality footwear. The Nike Free Run+ 2 continues in the footwear makers tradition and …….There is really so much to say about the shoe, but a few words to sum up the sneaker are “AWESOME”, AMAZING”, “SUPERB” and “OUTSTANDING”. These shoes are all of that plus a bag of chips. I am not heavily into running shoes, but the way these Free Run’s fit on my feet, I can certainly say that I have never experienced nothing like them in my life.

tudies suggest that barefoot runners develop stronger feet. Natural motion builds strength, and strength means speed. NikeFree is all about speed. But first you’ll need to build your muscles, because NikeFree takes some getting used to. Deep cuts in the outsole mean your feet flex and move the way they would if you were barefoot.

The Nike Free Run 2 has many different features and characteristics. The good thing is that they all blend seamlessly together to deliver a sneaker that is lightweight, comfortable, flexible, supportive and best of all stylish.


If you want a really lightweight sneaker, then the Nike Free Run 2’s are some of the lightest available. The shoe weighs 9 oz and sometimes it feels as if you are wearing nothing at all. Nike’s use of a Phylite midsole will ensure that the sneaker not only is able to handle ……


The cushioning of the shoe makes it really comfortable to run in. The cushioning will allow the foot to have a nice ride, without reducing the general barefoot feel of the shoe. The comfort of the shoe is enhanced even more as the midsole and the outsole are fused together with Phylite material. What you have is a one piece design that is kind of like sock. This is able to take the shape of the foot, which results in a supportive and comfortable fit.


I absolutely love the flexibility that the shoe is able to deliver. The foot is certainly not restricted and you will be able to move the foot naturally as if you had no shoes on at all. This is possible due to the flex grooves that can be found along the outsole. The heel features a “center of pressure” design that provides additional cushioning on contact, maximizing overall flexibility.


Designed to keep the foot in place without restricting movement, the Nike Free Run+ 2 features bonded overlays for excellent support. Lightweight and flexible, these thin strips are attached to the mesh upper for a streamlined fit. The inner sleeve provides a snug feel, yet it’s dynamic enough to move with the natural motion of the foot.


What pushes this shoe over the top for many people is the funky and eye catching design. Nike shoes always look good on the feet and these Free’s are no different. The modern look is very sleek and sophisticated and they really enhance whatever outfit you are wearing. There are so many fashionable colorways available, it is actually kind of hard to choose just one. There are actually people who have bought a pair and loved the colors so much, that they decided that they needed another one in a different style. The shoe really stands out and I am sure you will be getting a lot of compliments if you get a pair.


My final analysis is that the Nike Free Run+ 2 is a really amazing shoe. The design is certainly top-notch and I am glad that Nike spent 8 years researching barefoot running. Putting on these shoes gives your feet such a liberating feeling, not only because they are lightweight and comfortable, but because of the way the shoe is able to simulate like you are walking/running barefoot. All of the features really work together and the end result is a shoe that you definitely need to own. If you are running, walking or just want a sneaker for casual wear, the Nike Free Run 2 is certainly the one to have.

Inner sleeve for a snug fit and enhanced breathability

Bonded synthetic overlays for super-strong, flexible support

Fused Phylite midsole and outsole for an ultra-lightweight, resilient ride

Deep flex grooves along the outsole for natural range of motion and flexibility

Feature Overview of the Nike Free Run 2

Here is an overview of some of the features that can be found on the Nike Free Run 2.

  • An ideal running shoe for a wide range of runners. It provides the strengthening and natural gait management benefits associated with barefoot training, while offering the necessary cushioning, traction and underfoot protection.
  • Combination mesh and supportive synthetic leather uppers are both lightweight, yet hardy. An innovative design bonds narrow strips of the two materials together in key support areas, increasing durability and eliminating excess material.
  • Asymmetrical lacing minimizes pressure over the top of the foot for increased comfort.
  • Lightly padded tongue and collar for added comfort and support.
  • Innersleeve envelops the entire foot, offering a glove-like fit.
  • Molded insole offers great step-in feel, heightened comfort and support.
  • Phylite midsole is highly resilient and durable enough to double as an outsole, drastically reducing the overall weight.
  • Ultra-high resolution siping pattern promotes an exceptionally smooth, naturally neutral ride.
  • Center-of-pressure heel construction delivers cushion upon impact without affecting flexibility or transition.
  • Abrasion resistant BRS 1,000 carbon rubber for heightened durability in high-wear areas.
  • Waffle pistons on the outsole work in conjunction with the Phylite midsole by absorbing impacting shock, yet being resilient enough to then return to their original shape.
  • Strategically placed segments of solid rubber enhance traction in high-wear areas.


What Others Are Saying About the Nike Free Run 2!

I am sure I provided a good overview into the general performance, look and feel of the Nike Free Run 2. For those of you who may need a bit more convincing, then you should also take what other owners are saying about this shoe. This shoe is getting nothing but high ratings from people who have worn and run in the shoe. Reviewers on Zappos.com give it 5/5 stars. Reviewers on Nike.com also give it 4.65/5.

Here are what a few of the reviewers have to say:

  • D3Daddy– A former Air Max fan but I have recently changed my stripes and have become a Free Fan. These are comfortable, light, great for running and or gym training”
  • Benp – “Right out of the box , no break in time needed, they were super comfy and man do they look cool I love these shoes!”
  • Sbarneby “I love running in these shoes; they are light weight and flexible so I don’t feel any resistnce to how my foot wants to move during each stride.”
  • Tabia Y – “These shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever purchased. They are good for running and long walks. I have flat feet so I can feel the arch support.”
  • Hcarroll23“This shoe is one of the best training shoes on the market. It is extremely lightweight, very durable, and also very comfortable. Honestly, this shoe has made me excited to go for a run.”


The Nike Free TR Fit 2 Review

Is working out a pain or fun? I guess the answer really depends on who you ask. At the end of the day, working out is important to keep ourselves in-shape and healthy. If you find working out fun, then you know the enjoyment can be short-lived if you do not have the right shoes. One sneaker that is standing out from the others is the Nike Free TR Fit 2.

The Nike Free TR Fit Women’s Training Shoe Review

When you read reviews, you want to A. be absolutely sure you are buying the right shoe or B. find out if this sneaker is for you. Right off the bat I can tell you that whatever you are trying to find out about this shoe, you will not be disappointed.

Close your eyes and think back to all the shoes in your life that have hurt your feet, pinched your toes, or caused some other type of pain. Not good memories huh? With that in mind, comfort is by far the most important thing when choosing a shoe. When you put your foot inside the Nike Free TR Fit 2 training shoe, you will be getting outstanding cushioning and a very comfy fit. The shoe features a Phylite midsole which will add a level of comfort, while also adding the overall light weight of the shoe. There is a foam padded collar, which will help to give the feet secure, as well as feeling comfy.

The shoe is super-duper-duper lightweight. It only weighs 7 ounces, so it almost feels as if you have nothing on. Having a lightweight sneaker is very important when you are training, as it will make you more nimble on your feet. If you

I really like the fact that Nike spends a good amount of time researching their shoes and as such, you will typically be getting a great product. This is an excellent training shoe and you will be able to benefit from the shoes barefoot flexibility as well as well as its good support. When you have these shoes on, you will feel as if you can do anything in them. You can run, jump, move side to side, exercise and dance. The shoe features multi-directional support, so you can essentially wear it to do anything.

If you love fashion and you also love to work out, then these shoes were made with you in mind J When you take them out the box you are going to be “WOW”. When you try them on for the first time, you are going to be like “WOW”. When you wear them out for the first time, be prepared for a lot of “WOW, What Do You Have On”. The TR Fit 2 are some really fashionable sneakers and everything works from the design all the way to the many different colors.

My Final Thoughts

I really really like the Nike Free TR Fit 2 shoe. There are a ton of training sneakers available, but this one does everything right, plus more. Think of i? it is a pretty stylish and has all the features that you want in a sneaker, why would you not go and get a pair now?

Information on the Nike Free TR Fit 2

Here is an overview that will highlight some of the features that can be found on this sneaker.

  • The upper is a combination of synthetic leather as well as a breathable air mesh, which results in a shoe that has lightweight support and breathable.
  • There is a foam-padded collar that will help to give the shoe a comfy feel, as well as allowing it to fit snugly on the feet.
  • There should be no worries about the shoe pinching you, as it features a one-piece, no-sew upper. This also adds flexibility to the shoe and also allows for the natural motion.
  • There is a neoprene heel counter that will offer support and flexibility.
  • A great internal structural system for support is available and this works well, especially if you are planning on doing multidirectional moves.
  • The shoe has a Phylite midsole which will offer great cushioning.
  • There is barefoot like flexibility thanks to the shoe utilizing the Nike Free system.
  • If you are planning on running in low light conditions, there is reflective material on the shoe.
  • You will get multidirectional traction on different surfaces, thanks to rubber pods that are located on the forefoot and heel of the shoe.
  • Lightweight sneaker, only weighing 7 oz.

What Others Are Saying About the Nike Free TR Fit 2!

After reading through our review I am positive that you are going to want to get a pair for yourself. If you need some more convincing, then it is a good idea to see what other people are saying about this particular shoe. On other websites, the shoe is getting nothing but rave reviews. Zappos.com reviewers give it 4.75/5, while Nike.com reviewers give it 4.8/5.

  • Hmunyer – “I love these shoes to train in. They are lightweight, breathable, and have a flat enough sole that you can really dig your toes in when and where you need to.“
  • Alder B – “Absolutely love these shoes! They are super flexible so someone with small feet (like me) find these especially comfy. “
  • Reviewer – “These shoes are very light-weight and comfortable; like wearing slippers. However, there is very little support”
  • Nkdot – “The shoes move with me and are extremely light. I love them and am so happy I finally found a shoes that suites me!””
  • Allison E – “they’re INCREDIBLE. i run faster in them, kick higher, walk faster…. LOVE THEM!!!!“” 

Nike Free TR Fit 2 Colors

Rainbows are a sight to behold, so is multicolored ice-cream. All of these things excite the mind and are a visual feast. When you have shoes that make the eyes light up, then I think you have a good thing. The one thing that I absolutely love about the Nike Free TR Fit 2 would be the exceptional colorways that they have available. If you are a woman who enjoys the spotlight, there are color combos available just for you. If you are more on the reserved side, then guess what? You can find a pair that will fit your personality and overall style.

Is The Nike Free Fit 2 Good for Zumba?

Yes, yes, yes, yes! I have this on my list as one of the best Nike shoes for Zumba dance. It may not be the #1 shoe, but it is pretty good. Remember, in Zumba you are going to dancing up a storm to a pulsating Latin soundtrack. Think of it? You are going to need a shoe that is going to be supportive, stable, comfortable, lightweight and best of all flexible. The TR Fit 2 is able to deliver all of this and more. It also helps that it is capable of handling multidirectional support, as you are going to be moving all over the place.

If you are interested in other types of dance aerobic footwear, then I have a more in-depth article Zumba shoes here.

Is the Nike Free Fit 2 Good for Running?

You will be able to put on these shoes and sprint through the door, run to the grocery store, run those 4 miles and running on the treadmill with ease in these shoes. They are not designed specifically for running, but they will be able to get the job done. It may be a bit difficult at first, as the Nike Free system takes some time to get used to, since it mimics the natural motion of your feet, but once you do, it should be no problem.

If you are looking for a dedicated running shoe, then have a look at the Nike Free collection.