Everything You Need to Know About Zumba Shoes

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If you are on the hunt for Zumba shoes, then you may need a little help when it comes to finding that ideal shoe for theclass.

There are some things that you will need to be aware of, especially if you are looking for that ideal sneaker for Zumba. Luckily, we are here. We will provide a very good guide, to help you find that perfect shoe.

The Best Types of Shoes for Zumba

When it comes to Zumba Dance, you can essentially wear any type of athletic sneaker to the class. Once the shoe has certain features (these will be examined below), then they should be the ideal choice to be Zumba shoes.

Dance sneakers – If you want the best Zumba shoes, then dance sneakers are certainly the best option. When we talk about dance sneakers, I am not talking about the ones designed for dance classes like ballet. I am more focused on the ones that are designed specifically for dance fitness and dance aerobics classes. These shoes have many different features, which make them the ideal choice.

Cross Trainers – I personally love cross trainers as Zumba shoes, simply because they are versatile. You can essentially wear them to your dance aerobics class, to the gym, to run, to walk or whatever physical activity you can think of. They are definitely the best option out there for people who want a sneaker that can be worn for multiple activities.

Must Have Features for Your New Zumba Shoes

As we talked about earlier, you can really wear just about any type of athletic shoe to Zumba. Before you consider dusting off those old shoes you have in your closet, find out what are the ideal features that sneakers should have to make them an excellent choice for Zumba.

Comfort – Comfort is certainly one of the most important things that you should consider when looking for a new pair of Zumba shoes. Because you will be doing aerobics and dancing for up to an hour, it is a good idea that you get shoes that are comfy on the feet and will not hurt or be a pain.

Flexible – Shoes that are flexible are a big plus. Zumba is essentially a dance class and as such, you will want shoes that will allow your feet to move about easily and not be restrictive. Rigid shoes are a definite no-no, so stay far away from them. This means, do not wear some hard leather shoes to the class. The good thing is that the majority of sneakers out there are flexible enough, so you really should have no problem when trying to find shoes.

Support – You are going to be doing a lot of dance moves in the Zumba class, so it is really important that the Zumba dance shoes you are planning on getting, has excellent support. The support of the shoe is really to keep it in place, which also helps to reduce the possibility of injury. The majority of the modern athletic shoes have great support, so this should not be a big issue when you are looking for shoes for the class.

Lightweight – Dance aerobics is all about being light on the feet and as a result of that, you will certainly not want to get yourself some Zumba sneakers that are just heavy. When you participate in the class, you are going to realize that the lighter the shoe is, is the better the class experience will be. Stay far away from the moon boots, unless you enjoy torturing yourself. Trust us on it. There have been people who have worn somewhat weighty sneakers for Zumba to the class and they would have to leave to go and purchase a lighter pair.

Stylish – We left this for last as this can be a very important feature for some people. You certainly will not want to go into the class with some ugly shoes, so it is a pretty good idea to have some stylish shoes in the class. If you are looking at getting some new stylish shoes, then check out our Guide on the Best Zumba Shoes.

*DO NOT BUY – In this little article, one of the things that we keep talking about is that you can “essentially” wear just about any sneaker to do Zumba. This is true, but you guys should be aware that one type of sneaker to stay away from is RUNNING SHOES. Running shoes will have all of the features we mentioned above, except that the traction/grip on the bottom of the shoe is a bit too much. You see, runners need shoes that will allow their feet to be entrenched on the ground. This is opposite in Zumba and if you wear running shoes to the class, you will certainly experience it. It is going to be difficult to do many of the moves or dancing, with shoes that have so much grip. These shoes can also cause injury, due to the grip. You may be required to do a lot of lateral moves and then quickly switch to something else. The grip on the bottom of the shoe may prevent this from occurring and there have been reports of people hurting their ankles.


The Best Zumba Shoe Brands

If you are looking at getting more information the best Zumba shoes, check out our guide.

There are hundreds and even thousands of different sneaker options for Zumba. When we did our research, we uncovered only a handful of companies that offered sneakers that have all the features that are needed in Zumba shoes.  Some of the shoe manufactuers to check out are, Ryka, Nike, Capezio, Bloch, New Balance, Adidas and Puma.


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