Frye Jane Boots Review

We all know that Frye has a reputation for making some of the best leather boots around. A favorite tall boot amongst women has certainly got to be the Frye Jane Boot. This collection contains 4 boots, that all offer something different, while still maintaining the Jane look.

Bring an edge to your look in these chic, Western-inspired Frye Jane 14L Wide Calf boots. Extended width is 1/2 inch wider than normal width.

Frye Jane 14 Stitch – One of the favorites from Frye, the Jane 14 Stitch has proven itself to be a versatile and ultra-amazing boot. This is knee high boot that has a rounded toe. It comes with a very nice leather upper and a sturdy outsole. The Frye Jane 14 Stitch Boot is the perfect choice to wear with leggings, skinny jeans or a nice skirt.

Frye Jane 14L – The 14L is the same as the 14, the only exception is that it has a wider calf. The Frye Jane 14L Extended Calf Boot comes with a wider opening of about 1 ½”. If you happen to have bigger calves, then this is a better option, as some women who have bought the 14, have reported that it fits loose.

Frye Jane Tall Cuff – If you are here to buy a pair of Frye Jane Tall Cuff Boots, we are actually smiling. Not everyone can pull off wearing over the knee boots, but I am positive that you will be able to do it, plus your outfit will look super cute.

The Frye Jane Over the Knee Cuff boots are really awesome and pretty funky. Like any other Frye boot out there, this particular model is crafted with the best leather and the time and effort spent on the boot can definitely be seen.  What I love about these boots is that they reach over the knee, but they can also be cuffed down for whatever look you are going for.

These boots are hot! If you are looking for a particular color, the Frye Jane Cuff Boot is available in Black, Taupe, Dark Brown and Burnt Red. It can also be had in different styling such as Pebbled Full Grain.

Frye Jane Stiching Horse Boot – The western boot look is always fashionable and we know it is something you will appreciate. With the Frye Jane Stitching Horse, you will be getting boots that has the “old west” written all over it. This pebbled grain leather boot gets it wonderful look from the intricate stitching around the boot. The artful stitching results in a boot that is just visually appealing. Aside from having a very nice look, the boot also comes with stacked heel, that measures 2 ¼ in. This will provide you with some height, but nothing too tall. The Frye Jane Stitching Horse Boot is also easy to pull on and off, as there are some straps inside to make this easier.

If you are a woman who is into that western look, then you will certainly love what the Frye Jane Stitching Horse has to offer.

Frye Kids Jane Stitch – Little girls can get in style, with their very own boot. The Frye Kids Jane Boot is fashionable footwear and it is the ideal choice for girls who are looking that look that only the Jane can provide.


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