The Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe

You are moving, you’re shaking, you’re jumping, you’re twisting, you’re turning and you are feeling GREAT! Enjoy dancing even more with the right shoe like the Nike Musique IV.

The Musique is a great option for those who are looking for an all-round dance shoe that will not fall apart or hurt the feet. It is a pretty good sneaker

A Quick Review of the Sneaker

Nike Musique IV

If you take a look at the Nike Musique series, you can see that they have released quite a few shoes. Over the years, the most popular one has been the Musique IV, there must be a reason why the shoe is so awesome and in-demand so long after its first release date.

Designed Just for Dance

Nike Musique IV

The big reason why this is such an awesome dance shoe is that it is designed with dancers in mind. As such, you are going to get pivot points on the outsole of the shoe. These pivot points are cool, just because it makes turning and twisting that much easier. If you have taken a dance class, then you know there will be a lot of that going on.

Comfort is extremely important in a dance shoe and right here is where the Musique is able to shine.  The shoe features a Phylon midsole that will be able to handle the high impact that comes with dancing. You will not have to worry about aches and pains as the shoe is properly design with comfort and cushioning and the forefront.

The shoe is great for supporting the feet and this is absolutely necessary when doing dance. There are synthetic overlays which will keep the feet in place. There is also great support in the heel and forefoot. If you want a shoe that will keep your feet secure, then the Musique IV is up to the task.

Looks Great

Let’s face it, even though you want a shoe that is comfortable and supportive, you also do not want one that looks awful on the feet. The Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe is a pretty stylish sneaker that will look great with whatever you wear it with. It has a very modern look and is very sleek and cute. It also helps that the colors that it is available all work nicely with the shoe.


There are a ton of dance sneakers on the market to choose from and all of them have their pros and their cons. If you are looking for near-perfect dance sneaker, then the Nike Musique  is one of the better, if not the best option available. You are going to love this shoe and while you are having fun dancing, you are going to be so happy with your purchase.

What Others Are Saying About the Nike Musique IV

Jramey“ love these shoes . They are very comfortable and I use them for Zumba and other aerobic classes” ((Jramey. (2011, May 13). “Nike Musique VI Women’s Dance Shoe Review”. Retrieved 2012-05-18))

Features of the Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe

The Musique is an awesome sneaker, we have already established that, it is great on the feet, has excellent support and cushioning, it is just a good dance shoe. To get a better understanding, you can take a look at the different features that the sneaker has.

  • Upper of the shoe allows of amazing comfort while dancing.
  • Great added support thanks in part to the synthetic overlays.
  • Extra stability due to the double-lasted forefoot and heel.
  • The shoe features a lacing system, which will allow it to have a great fit and feel.
  • The shoe is extremely breathable thanks to the mesh lining.
  • Comfort and cushioning comes courtesy of the Phylon midsole.
  • Pivot point under the sneaker
  • Great traction thanks to the Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Weighs only 9 oz.

Is the Nike Musique IV a Good Zumba Shoe?

Nike Musique IV Zumba Shoe

The majority of the people who buy the Musique will be using it in dance related classes such as Zumba. So does this shoe make the cut as a great Zumba sneaker? This shoe not only makes the cut, but it is at the top of the list for me.

Everybody loves this shoe for Zumba, just because of the features it has. As I stated, the shoe is very flexible, lightweight, supportive and comfortable, all necessary features that are necessary in Zumba shoes. It also features the pivot point, so this makes it even easier to pull off dance moves. When you combine all those wonderful features together, the end result is a shoe that many consider the best for the class.

I wrote an article earlier on the best Nike shoes for Zumba and it beats out everything on the list by a huge margin.

Available Colors

The Nike Musique IV Cross Training Sneaker is a pretty simple sneaker, even though it is so good. It is not available in a ton of colors, but the colors that are available will work just fine.

You will be able to get these dance shoes in colors such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey

What Color I Like the Most? – I would say the white is the best color. It has a very sleek look to it and it also enhances the wonderful design. This white option also makes it a pretty good choice for cheerleading.


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