The Nike Free TR Fit 2 Review

Is working out a pain or fun? I guess the answer really depends on who you ask. At the end of the day, working out is important to keep ourselves in-shape and healthy. If you find working out fun, then you know the enjoyment can be short-lived if you do not have the right shoes. One sneaker that is standing out from the others is the Nike Free TR Fit 2.

The Nike Free TR Fit Women’s Training Shoe Review

When you read reviews, you want to A. be absolutely sure you are buying the right shoe or B. find out if this sneaker is for you. Right off the bat I can tell you that whatever you are trying to find out about this shoe, you will not be disappointed.

Close your eyes and think back to all the shoes in your life that have hurt your feet, pinched your toes, or caused some other type of pain. Not good memories huh? With that in mind, comfort is by far the most important thing when choosing a shoe. When you put your foot inside the Nike Free TR Fit 2 training shoe, you will be getting outstanding cushioning and a very comfy fit. The shoe features a Phylite midsole which will add a level of comfort, while also adding the overall light weight of the shoe. There is a foam padded collar, which will help to give the feet secure, as well as feeling comfy.

The shoe is super-duper-duper lightweight. It only weighs 7 ounces, so it almost feels as if you have nothing on. Having a lightweight sneaker is very important when you are training, as it will make you more nimble on your feet. If you

I really like the fact that Nike spends a good amount of time researching their shoes and as such, you will typically be getting a great product. This is an excellent training shoe and you will be able to benefit from the shoes barefoot flexibility as well as well as its good support. When you have these shoes on, you will feel as if you can do anything in them. You can run, jump, move side to side, exercise and dance. The shoe features multi-directional support, so you can essentially wear it to do anything.

If you love fashion and you also love to work out, then these shoes were made with you in mind J When you take them out the box you are going to be “WOW”. When you try them on for the first time, you are going to be like “WOW”. When you wear them out for the first time, be prepared for a lot of “WOW, What Do You Have On”. The TR Fit 2 are some really fashionable sneakers and everything works from the design all the way to the many different colors.

My Final Thoughts

I really really like the Nike Free TR Fit 2 shoe. There are a ton of training sneakers available, but this one does everything right, plus more. Think of i? it is a pretty stylish and has all the features that you want in a sneaker, why would you not go and get a pair now?

Information on the Nike Free TR Fit 2

Here is an overview that will highlight some of the features that can be found on this sneaker.

  • The upper is a combination of synthetic leather as well as a breathable air mesh, which results in a shoe that has lightweight support and breathable.
  • There is a foam-padded collar that will help to give the shoe a comfy feel, as well as allowing it to fit snugly on the feet.
  • There should be no worries about the shoe pinching you, as it features a one-piece, no-sew upper. This also adds flexibility to the shoe and also allows for the natural motion.
  • There is a neoprene heel counter that will offer support and flexibility.
  • A great internal structural system for support is available and this works well, especially if you are planning on doing multidirectional moves.
  • The shoe has a Phylite midsole which will offer great cushioning.
  • There is barefoot like flexibility thanks to the shoe utilizing the Nike Free system.
  • If you are planning on running in low light conditions, there is reflective material on the shoe.
  • You will get multidirectional traction on different surfaces, thanks to rubber pods that are located on the forefoot and heel of the shoe.
  • Lightweight sneaker, only weighing 7 oz.

What Others Are Saying About the Nike Free TR Fit 2!

After reading through our review I am positive that you are going to want to get a pair for yourself. If you need some more convincing, then it is a good idea to see what other people are saying about this particular shoe. On other websites, the shoe is getting nothing but rave reviews. reviewers give it 4.75/5, while reviewers give it 4.8/5.

  • Hmunyer – “I love these shoes to train in. They are lightweight, breathable, and have a flat enough sole that you can really dig your toes in when and where you need to.“
  • Alder B – “Absolutely love these shoes! They are super flexible so someone with small feet (like me) find these especially comfy. “
  • Reviewer – “These shoes are very light-weight and comfortable; like wearing slippers. However, there is very little support”
  • Nkdot – “The shoes move with me and are extremely light. I love them and am so happy I finally found a shoes that suites me!””
  • Allison E – “they’re INCREDIBLE. i run faster in them, kick higher, walk faster…. LOVE THEM!!!!“” 

Nike Free TR Fit 2 Colors

Rainbows are a sight to behold, so is multicolored ice-cream. All of these things excite the mind and are a visual feast. When you have shoes that make the eyes light up, then I think you have a good thing. The one thing that I absolutely love about the Nike Free TR Fit 2 would be the exceptional colorways that they have available. If you are a woman who enjoys the spotlight, there are color combos available just for you. If you are more on the reserved side, then guess what? You can find a pair that will fit your personality and overall style.

Is The Nike Free Fit 2 Good for Zumba?

Yes, yes, yes, yes! I have this on my list as one of the best Nike shoes for Zumba dance. It may not be the #1 shoe, but it is pretty good. Remember, in Zumba you are going to dancing up a storm to a pulsating Latin soundtrack. Think of it? You are going to need a shoe that is going to be supportive, stable, comfortable, lightweight and best of all flexible. The TR Fit 2 is able to deliver all of this and more. It also helps that it is capable of handling multidirectional support, as you are going to be moving all over the place.

If you are interested in other types of dance aerobic footwear, then I have a more in-depth article Zumba shoes here.

Is the Nike Free Fit 2 Good for Running?

You will be able to put on these shoes and sprint through the door, run to the grocery store, run those 4 miles and running on the treadmill with ease in these shoes. They are not designed specifically for running, but they will be able to get the job done. It may be a bit difficult at first, as the Nike Free system takes some time to get used to, since it mimics the natural motion of your feet, but once you do, it should be no problem.

If you are looking for a dedicated running shoe, then have a look at the Nike Free collection.


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