Frye Alessia Artisanal Flip Flop Review

When you think of Frye, the first thing that pops into your mind is high-end stylish boots. The company built its name on creating boots that people had to have. The company also makes different footwear and one that is a real standout is the Frye Alessia Artisanal Flip Flop. These are some stylish casual footwear that should be in every woman’s closet.

Frye Alessia Artisanal Flip Flop Review

Summer is here and that means the toes need to be out and sandals are the perfect solution to that problem would be the Frye Alessia Artisanal Flip Flop. These shoes are some beautiful looking sandals that should work with whatever outfit you wear it with. The good thing about sandals is that they are pretty stylish and they are also available in different colors.  The sandal differentiates itself from other styles with its beautiful leather upper that also has some small studs and brass rings.

Some women are not too impressed with how the sandal fits, but then there are others who absolutely love it. If you like how it looks, then you should go out and get yourself a pair. They are some nice quality leather flip flops and they will look great on the feet.

See What Others Have to Say about Frye Alessia Artisanal Sandals

Find out what others think about this sandal.

  • “The leather is gorgeous, and the construction seemed to be typical Frye quality.”
  • “Sizing is perfect. Although the flip flop is more casual it can be worn on dressy occasions”
  • “Did not like these at all. The straps are very wide and loose felt like my foot was moving side to side”

Frye Alessia Artisanal Flip Flop Colors

The great thing about the the Frye Alessia Sandals is that they can be had in a variety of colors. Being able to get these shoes in different colors essentially means that you will be able to wear them and have them matched up with whatever outfit you plan on wearing them with.

The colors available in the Frye Alessia Flip Flops are Black, Cognac, Dark Brown, Dusty Rose, Gold Tumbled Metallic, Natural, Red, Rose Gold Tumbled, Metallic, Silver Tumbled Metallic, Slate and Yellow.

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