Frye Engineer Boots for Women

The Women’s Frye Engineer Boot is really classic footwear from the Frye company. For years, the Engineer has proven itself to be one of the best sellers and this is really attributed to its look and overall quality.

With a Frye Engineer Boot, women will actually be getting a nice leather boot that has an amazing rounded toe. There are so many different Engineer styles to choose from and that will really determine the length of the amazing leather upper. Aside from good looks, these boots are also very comfortable. Cushioned shock-absorbing memory insoles will make walking around in these boots really enjoyable.

There are 4 different types of Frye Engineer Boots for Women. These are the 8R, 12R, 15R and Rogan. They all offer something different, so it really depends on the type of style you are going for with the footwear.

Women’s Frye Engineer 8R Boots

The Frye Engineer 8R Boots for women is certainly a really great buy. This particular boot is the shortest out of the collection, but it also makes a pretty good impression when worn.

What women love about the Engineer 8R, is the fact that it is not too high. This makes it the great choice to wear in the spring and summer time, as the legs will not be roasting inside. If you were to take a look on the boot, you will definitely be able to see that the craftsmanship is amazing. The leather upper really catches the attention and Frye’s attention to detail is top-notch. There really is no doubt as to why the Engineer is the most popular style, as the boots just look really good.

The Frye Engineer 8R Boots are available in colors like Dark Brown, Sand and Smoke. They can also be had in

Women’s Frye Engineer 12R Boots

The Women’s Frye Engineer 12R Boot is by far the most popular in the collection. A bit higher than the 8R, the 12R is able to deliver the style and look that women want. You have a boot that has an exceptional design, which means that it will look really amazing on the feet. Combine that great look with the added height and you really have yourself a winner.

Most women who go for the Engineer 12R really want something that will compliment not only their legs, but also will look great with whatever they are wearing. The height that the 12R is, it really makes it very versatile for a variety of outfits.

The Frye Engineer 12R are available in Burnt Red, Sand, Smoke, Gaucho and Black.

Women’s Frye Engineer 15R Boots

There are some women who love the length of the 12R and there are those who want boots that still has the Engineer look, just the shaft height a bit higher. The Frye Engineer 15R is that boot. It has a shaft length of 15″ and this should reach a woman about her mid-calf. These boots are really stylish and they certainly look good on the feet.

The added height that the 15R Engineer has, makes it great to be worn with leggings, skirts and jeans. The Engineer look is breathtaking and the buckles at the ankle and the shaft, really give the boot its own flair.

Women’s Frye Rogan Engineer Studded Boots

There are so many different types of Frye Engineer boots for women to choose from. One that offers different style is the Frye Rogan Engineer Studded Boot. This particular style has the same Engineer look, except that it is able to deliver a more edgy look that women will absolutely love on their feet.

If you are thinking about getting the Frye Rogan Engineer, you are definitely going to love the look of the distressed leather upper. It really gives the boot character and this is part of the reason why so many women love it. Another great addition that this particular Engineer boot has is the studs that can be found on the ankle strap. These stubs really put the finishing touch on a really amazing women’s boot.




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