Frye Campus Boots Review

If fabulous, sexy, trendy, fashionable and chic are some of the words that you can use to describe your shoes in your closet, then the Frye Campus is a boot that definitely belongs in your collection.

Frye already has a reputation for creating amazing boots and this is the same with the Frye Campus series. All the different boots in this collection are truly amazing and they are really must-haves for any fashion lover out there. If you love the boots so much and just want to purchase them at really low prices, then Click Here.

Frye Campus 14l Boot

The Frye Campus 14L Boot is by far the most popular Campus boot in the collection. Women absolutely go crazy for this specific style, simply because it looks nothing but amazing on the feet. If you are looking for a stylish tall boot, the 14L is definitely the way to go.

The thing that makes the 14L so amazing is that it has a very beautiful design. You get this really stylish and classic campus boot look, which makes it the perfect choice to go with a variety of outfits. The upper is crafted from luxurious leather and this is what is responsible for giving the boot its character. This is a very comfortable boot and you will be able to wear it around the entire day, with no problems. The upper is 13 ½ in, while the circumference is 14 in. The heel height comes in at 1 ¾ in.

The Frye Campus 14L Leather Boots come in different colors such as black leather, dark brown leather, saddle leather, banana leather, sunrise leather and blazer brown leather

Frye Campus 14G Boot

The Frye Campus 14G Boot is simply amazing footwear and it also is a great option for those of you who may have wider calves. The reputation for the boot is one of quality, style and sophistication. Any woman, who tries this boot on, immediately falls in love with them. It is the perfect complement to whatever outfit you can think of.

Many women will for the Frye Campus 14G if they have wider calves. The boot has a retro look, but it is very stylish and chic. The leather upper is the real gem and you can tell just by looking on it that the best luxurious leather was used in its design. This is a pull on style boot that simply looks amazing. When you purchase this boot you will be getting a shaft that is 13 ½ in, circumference of 14 ¾ in and a heel height of 1 ¾ in.

There are a variety of colors that the Frye Campus 14G Boot comes in.  These colors are black leather, brown leather and chestnut leather.

Frye Campus 12R Boot

The Frye Campus 12R Boot is another favorite that I am sure you would love. If you want that Campus boot look, without it being too high, then the 12R is definitely the way to go. This boot is extremely stylish and it looks simply stylish and trendy on the feet.

Frye Boots really have mastered the style and look of women’s boots. The Frye Campus 12R is one of those boots that have such a wonderful design that all women will love. This mid-calf boot offers style, that is unmatched by any other competition. The full leather upper on its own, stands out and gives the boot a nice charm to it. The boot is very comfortable, thanks to the cushioned shock-absorbing memory insoles. There is also a stacked leather heel and durable rubber outsole. The features of the boot the boot include an 11 ½ in shaft and 1 ¾ in heel.

The Frye Campus 12R comes in a variety of amazing colors such as, Saddle and Banana Leather.

Frye Campus Over the Knee Boot

The Frye Campus Over the Knee Boot is a masterpiece. For those of you who know how to wear over the knee boots, this is really one of the best on the market today. These boots are super stylish and you should be able to enhance your outfits with this Campus Boot.

The Frye Campus OTK leather Boot provides an astounding look. The beautiful leather upper is responsible for the boot’s personality and unique charm. The boot features a pull on design and also has a smooth leather lining inside. Wearing the boot all day will be no problem, as there is a cushioned leather insole. You can be sure that this Campus boot will last a long time, thanks to the leather outsole. Some of the other features are a 20 in shaft, 15 ½ in circumference and 2 in heel height.

The Frye Campus Over the Knee Tall Boot comes in a variety of colors. Banana, Grey, Saddle, Sunrise, Walnut and Clay are the colors you can get these boots in.

Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot

If you love the Campus boot look, but want something unique, then the Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot is a great option. The design of this footwear is ideal for that woman who wants to be different and stand out from the crowd. It is an amazing boot that will offer some really wonderful style.

If you take a look on the detail of the Frye Campus Stitching Horse, you are going to realize that the boot looks breathtaking. The full leather upper has a nice stitching design, which was done with great care and precision. This stitching really gives the boot some character. Some of the other features is that the boot features a 14 ½ in shaft, 15. 25 in circumference and 2 in heel height.

The Frye Campus Stitching Horse Boot is available in a variety of colors such as Banana, Walnut and Saddle Leather.

Frye Campus Zip Boot

The Frye Campus Zip Boot is totally different from all the other Campus boots in the collection. The Zip is an ankle boot, which still has the same Campus styling. This is really a nice design for women who are looking for something low.

The one thing that we marvel about the Frye Campus Zip Boot is its outstanding style and design. This is high quality footwear and you can see this with its beautiful leather upper. The side zip on the this boot makes it easy to pull on and off, while also give a really nice look. Like any Frye boot, the Zip is comfortable and you will be able to wear it around with no problems. Some of the other features of the boot are a 8 in shaft, 11 ½ in circumference and a heel height of 1 ½ in.

The Frye Campus Zip Boot is available in Black.

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