The Nike Free XT Quick Fit Review

Review of the Nike Free XT Quick Fit

Because I do a lot of different activities, I realized that I needed to get myself some new shoes. These shoes needed to be multipurpose and should be able to fill a variety of roles. After doing some research on the internet, one shoe that caught my attention was the Women’s Nike Free XT Quick Fit. I have hear nothing but good things as it relates to shoes that have the Nike Free system and based off the reviews that I read, no one had anything negative to say about these shoes.

After wearing these shoes for couple of days, I can say that I am totally impressed with what the sneaker has to offer. These shoes were very flexible, lightweight and had some of the best cushioning and comfort that I have ever experienced. All of these features worked really well, especially since I needed them as I did a lot of different activities such as running, dance aerobics or even just my regular gym workouts.

One of the things I forgot to mention was that these shoes were really stylish. I was stopped quite a couple of times by people who were interested in getting themselves a pair of these shoes. I really love how the Nike Free XT Quick Fit looks on my feet; they are very snazzy and trendy.

There are quite a few things I really love about these shoes and I will speak about it more below.

Flexibility – The Nike Free Quick Fit’s are some of the most flexible shoes I have ever owned. The flexibility can be attributed to the the Nike Free XT technology that the shoe uses. The sneaker has some multidirectional flex grooves, this really llows the foot to move more naturally. This is pretty neat as you can really feel the difference when you wear these sneakers.

Support – When it comes to the support of the shoe, one thing we can say is that is phenomenal. If you are planning on wearing the shoe to run or just for dance aerobics, you will definitely feel the support that the shoe has to offer, especially if you are doing lateral moves. The Nike Free Quick Fit comes with Flywire on the upper that is able to provide great lightweight lateral support for the foot. This material is not heavy at all, however it is really strong. This excellent piece of technology is pretty cool as it is able to hold the foot firmly in place, while not really allowing any slippage when doing moves.


The Nike Free XT Quick Fit are definitely shoes that I would recommend for anyone who is looking for shoes to wear to dance classes, the gym or even running. I really do not want to sound like I am repeating myself, but these sneakers are very flexible, have great support, very flexible and has good traction. They are also very stylish, so you really cannot beat that combination.


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