Frye Engineer Boots Review

Get a Great Selection of Frye Engineer Boots

The Frye Engineer Boot has certainly got to be one of the most popular boots from this world famous brand. Men and women absolutely love what the Engineer has to offer, the boot is just amazing in how it looks and feels on the feet.

Looking on a Frye Engineer boot for the first time, you can definitely see why they are so popular. These boots have an unmistakable style and this can really be attributed to the rounded toe, the amazing leather upper and also the iconic buckles that are located on the top and ankle of the boot. Wearing a pair of Engineer boots, you can definitely realize why they are loved by so many.

The good thing about the Frye Engineer is that there are many different models and styles available for men, women and kids. People will certainly be able to find a boot that fits whatever style or look they are going for.

Frye Engineer Boots for Women

Women’s Frye 8R Boots – Women who are looking for boots that reach them just above the ankle should check out the 8% Engineer. These boots are really stylish and they really go well with a variety of outfits.

Women’s Frye 12R Boots – The most popular Engineer boot for women has certainly got to be the 12R. These boots are super duper stylish and they are certainly a fashionistas must have. These boots are not too high and not too short, the perfect footwear for a woman who is all about style.

Women’s Frye 15R Boots – The 15R are the highest Engineer boots from the collection. What is so great about these particular boots is that they look absolutely amazing, especially when worn with skinny jeans or leggings. If you are looking for boots with a little bit of height to them, then the 15R is the way to go.

Women’s Frye Rogan Boot – The Rogan for women offers a bit of edge to the Engineer look. So many different women love this particular styled boot, simply because it is different. There is even a edgier look available, when you check out the studded version of the boot.

Frye Engineer Boots for Men

There are many different Engineer Boot choices for men. Each boot in the collection offers something different and unique. It is really up to you to find out what style you are going for and locating the boot that is able to deliver exactly what you want. There are 5 Engineer Boots for men in the collection. They are the 8R, 12R, Rand, Rogan and Jackson.

Men’s Frye Engineer 8R Boots – The 8R boots have that classic Engineer look and they do not reach too high above the ankle. These are some really nice boots, as they can be worn dressed up or dressed down. If you want classic styling, then the 8R is the way to go.

Men’s Frye Engineer 12R Boots – The 12R Engineer is a bit higher than its 8R counterpart. If you are a guy who is into fashion and style, then this is certainly the way to go. There is really so much that the boot has to offer. This is a definite must have in the shoe collection.

Frye Rand Engineer Boots – The Rand is different from all the other Engineer boots, simply because it comes with 3 buckles as opposed to 2. That change, gives the boot a totally different look and it is definitely a great option for those individuals who are looking for something sophisticated and stylish.

Frye Rogan Engineer Boots – The Rogan Engineer has more of an attitude, compared to the other men’s boots in the collection. The distressed leather and general design, results in footwear that has an edge to it. The intensity is increased even more, with the availability of a studded version.

Frye Jackson Engineer Boot – The same classic Frye Engineer look is available with the Jackson, except that it is updated. If you are looking for the Engineer look with a difference, then the Jackson si definitely the way to go. If you take a look at the boot, you will certainly tell that they are absolutely amazing.

Frye Engineer Boots for Kids

It is well know that Frye makes amazing boots for men and women, but they also do a really good job when it comes to the kids. In the case of the Kids Frye Engineer Boot, young children will be getting some really amazing footwear. These Engineer boots for kids will be able to deliver style and quality, just like the adults. If you are looking for some stylish boots for kids, this really is one of the better options out there.


Girls Frye Engineer Boots – Looking on Frye Engineer boots, you can tell that they are extremely stylish. Little girls are going to absolutely love these pull on boots that will look amazing on their little feet. The rich leather upper as well as the many different buckles, results in a boot that is perfect for girls.

Boys Frye Engineer Boots – Little boys are going to absolutely love these Engineer bots. These boots are stylish, versatile and very comfortable. The boot is full of details, from the buckles, leather used and logo found on the top.

Frye Kids Engineer Boots are available for both boys and girls in colors like Black and Brown.


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