Frye Rider Boots Review

For those of you who are new to this site, you should be aware that we absolutely love Frye Boots. They make some of the most amazing boots around and they have so many different styles that are just exceptional. One of Frye’s most beautiful styles has definitely got to be Frye Rider Boots. These boots are exceptional and they really do look amazing on the feet.  The great thing about this particular style is that there are three different versions available. There is the Frye Rider Pull On, Spur Inside Zip and Short.

Frye Rider Pull On

There are really so many different types of Frye Boots to choose from, but for those of you who are looking for a really nice mid-calf boot; then the Frye Rider Pull On is one of the best options from the company.

The Frye Rider Pull On has a very simple design to it, but that simplicity translates into fashion bliss for the feet. The design of the boot, combined with the rich, luxurious leather, results in footwear that has a look of class and elegance.  As we mentioned above, the Rider Pull On is a mid-calf boot and it the sleek look really gives the lower part of the legs an amazing look. The boot is not too high off the ground, as it has a 1 inch heel.  It is also pretty comfortable to walk around in, you really do not have to worry as it has a cushioned leather insole.

The good thing about the Frye Rider Pull On is that it is available in a variety of colors. You will be able to get this boot in: Black Brush Off, Dark Brown Brush Off, Dark Brown Vintage Leather, Light Brown Brush Off and Taupe Gaucho.

Frye Rider Spur Inside Zip Boot

The Frye Rider Spur Inside Zip Boot is all the rage for people who are looking for a beautiful tall boot. The Spur Inside Zip has the same impeccable style as the Rider Pull On, except that it is taller, has a zipper and comes with a buckle and spur. Every woman who has worn this boot, has instantly fallen in love with it. If you like the Rider Pull On look, but want a bit more, then this is the boot for you.

The Frye Rider Spur Knee boot gets its inspiration from equestrian footwear. This is a sleek, beautiful  and classic looking boot that I am sure you will love. It reaches just at the knee, with a shaft length of 15 inches. The boot can be put on easily, thanks to the nifty zipper that can be found inside the boot. You really won’t have to worry about pulling the boot on and off. What gives this boot an added oomph is that it comes with a nice functional buckle and spur, which can be found at the ankle. This spur really gives the boot a different look.

The Frye Rider Spur Inside Zip Boot is available in a variety of colors, ranging from: Black Leather, Burnt Red Leather, Cognac Leather and Fawn Leather.

Frye Rider Short

Not everyone loves the tall look of the Frye Rider, but many love the design of the boot. As a result of that, the Frye Rider Short was developed.

The Frye Rider Short is a western styled ankle boot that has developed a nice little following. Women love this boot for the fact that the leather is very soft and supple and easy to break in. The leather also has a pebbled look to it, which helps give the boot its amazing appearance.  The Short is an ankle boot and sits shaft is 8 inches tall. There is also a 1 inch heel on the boot. It is very comfortable as it comes with a cushioned leather footbed.

If you are looking for some really nice colors, then the Frye Rider Short is available in: Black Burnished Full Grain, Dark Brown Burnished Full Grain, Dark Brown Full Grain Leather and Light Tan.


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