Nike Air Alvord 8 Trail Runner Review

When it comes to things that I love, off road running is one of my few joys. This is a pretty intense activity at times and because of this, it is very important that I have the right shoes. Over the years I have owned quite a couple different types of trail sneakers; however one of the best that has impressed me is the Nike Air Alvord series.

The Nike Air Alvord 8 Trail Running Shoe is really one of the better trail runners I have owned. The shoe is amazing, especially since it has so much going on with it.

One of the things that I love about the Alvord 8 is the fact that it is able to deliver the performance that I need. This shoe is really top-notch and it is excellent at delivering the comfort and protection that I need, anytime I run off the unbeaten path. Wearing the shoe, you can certainly tell that the comfort level is phenomenal. It is really different from anything else I have worn and it can be said that it is in its own league.

Aside from being really comfortable, the shoe has great traction and is very lightweight. Wearing the sneaker, my feet never once felt weighed down and this is a very important factor when running off road. I love traction as the treading that is found on the bottom of the shoe really makes it great to handle all the loose rocks and debris that can be found when running on the trail.

If you should check out the overview of the Nike Air Alvord 8, you will see that the sneaker has many different features. If you are contemplating buying this shoe, you can be sure that this is definitely one of the better trail sneakers out there for 2011. I can say I am fully satisfied with my purchase and I would definitely recommend these shoes for anyone who is looking for good trail running footwear.


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