New Balance 890 Running Shoe Review

Nice Selection of New Balance 890 Shoes

If you have a look on the running shoe market today, you will see just about every manufacturer has or is coming out with ultra-lightweight shoes. Consumers are demanding lighter running shoes that will help to enhance their overall performance.

New balance has a reputation for making really great running shoes and they have entered into the market with a high-performing and super lightweight sneaker, the 890.

To give the shoe even more star power, it is endorsed by middle distance runners Andy Baddeley and Jennifer Barringer.

So What is the New Balance 890 Running Shoe?

The New Balance 890 Running Shoe is one of the lightest shoes on the market today. The 890 weighs 9.7 oz. and according the New Balance Website, the shoes weight is comparable to “1 apple/3.7 cookies/19 sticks of gum.”  As you can see these shoes are as light as can be. Just by lifting up the shoe, you can certainly tell that this is unlike anything else out there on the market.

Running in these lightweight sneakers, your feet will feel a significant difference.  Even with it being so lightweight, you will not have to worry about comfort being neglected. The shoe is ultra-comfortable and this is what is needed in a running shoe.

The Look

New Balance has never been one to have eye-catching shoes, unlike their counterpart Nike. The New Balance sneakers were always contemporary and never over the top. With the 890, the design has been taken up a notch. Looking on the sneaker, you can certainly tell that the shoe has an edge to it and it is just bold.

The New Balance 890 Upper.

With looks aside, we can get into what the 890 is all about. This running shoe features a mesh upper that aids in ventilation. That mesh also gives the shoe a pretty nice look. You will also be able to find overlays that are made out of synthetic layers. These overlays are there to give the shoe some added support, which means that the feet will be safely secured inside the shoe while running. There will be no worry about seams irritating the foot, as the shoe features welded seams.

One thing that we were impressed with was the tongue and lacing system of the shoe. The tongue provided excellent padding and it really did not take up much space, as typical sneakers. The lacing system also went back to the flat laces, which should reduce the laces coming apart when running.

The New Balance 890 Midsole

The real highlight of the New Balance 890 Running shoe has definitely got to be found in the midsole area. The REVlite midsole is what is responsible for allowing the shoe to be so lightweight. REVlite is very light and responsive and according to NewBalance it is “30% lighter than other midsole foams with comparable performance”. This REVlite foam will be able to handle the impact that comes with running, while also being as light as a feather.

The cushioning in the shoe is exceptional and it is definitely one of the more comfortable sneakers to run in.

The Final View on the 890 Running Shoe

If you are looking for lightweight and comfortable running shoe, then the New Balance 890 is definitely in the top 5 of running shoes that are on the market today. The REVlite cushioning system is extremely responsive and lightweight and it works really well in the shoe. Running in it for a while, you will be able to feel the impact that REVlite has on the shoe. The 890 is very stylish and it is some new and fresh from New Balance.

In the end the New Balance 890 is a shoe that runners will love. It has everything that is necessary in the modern running sneaker. There are no real negatives to it, so it is up to you to test it out and let the world know how much you love this particular shoe.



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