Frye Alessia Artisanal Flip Flop Review

When you think of Frye, the first thing that pops into your mind is high-end stylish boots. The company built its name on creating boots that people had to have. The company also makes different footwear and one that is a real standout is the Frye Alessia Artisanal Flip Flop. These are some stylish casual […]

Frye Campus Boots Review

If fabulous, sexy, trendy, fashionable and chic are some of the words that you can use to describe your shoes in your closet, then the Frye Campus is a boot that definitely belongs in your collection. Frye already has a reputation for creating amazing boots and this is the same with the Frye Campus series. […]

Frye Rider Boots Review

For those of you who are new to this site, you should be aware that we absolutely love Frye Boots. They make some of the most amazing boots around and they have so many different styles that are just exceptional. One of Frye’s most beautiful styles has definitely got to be Frye Rider Boots. These […]

Frye Dorado Riding Boot Review

Frye already has a reputation for making some amazing looking riding boots. These boots are able to deliver outstanding style and their design makes them the perfect complement to wear with whatever outfit you can think of. Even though there are so many riding boot styles from Frye, one of the best has definitely got […]

New Balance 890 Running Shoe Review

Nice Selection of New Balance 890 Shoes If you have a look on the running shoe market today, you will see just about every manufacturer has or is coming out with ultra-lightweight shoes. Consumers are demanding lighter running shoes that will help to enhance their overall performance. New balance has a reputation for making really […]